1/11 | Marriage Legislation | 同性婚姻平權

Marriage Legislation

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In July the LGBT+ community celebrated the victory of the QT case in a watershed moment. Meanwhile, civil servant Angus Leung is taking his case to the Court of Final Appeal to fight for his right to legally declare his husband Scott Adams his spouse in Hong Kong. But what does that mean for the future? Lawyers involved in both cases and other experts will cut through the jargon and outline the next steps in bringing marriage equality to Hong Kong.

QT案於七月份在法院裁決下獲得支持,為LGBT+ 群體於爭取同性婚姻平權的道路上締造歷史的關鍵時刻。同一時間,香港公務員梁鎮罡正在向終審法院提出訴訟為其英國籍伴侶史考特亞當謀求配偶福利。這一系列事件將為未來帶來怎樣的進展?案件律師和相關專家將與大家簡明扼要分析香港同性婚姻平權的未來趨勢。

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