20/10 | Career Day | 職業生涯日

Career Day

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LGBT+ individuals starting their career will find all the support they need at this incredible afternoon. How do you present yourself? What is the millennial workplace like? How do you create an online presence? How do you deal with coming out at work? You’ll find all the answers here with the chance to pick the brains of industry representatives.

即將展開個人事業道路的LGBT+ 成員可在此午間活動得到幫助與支持。您可以怎樣表現自己呢?千禧世代的工作環境有和特色?您能怎麼樣透過網絡塑造個人形象呢?踏入職場有什麼需要留意的地方?您定可透過此活動與各行業代表討論找到答案。

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