2-3/11 | Miles of Love | 遠距離的愛

Miles of Love

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Brought to us by travel advocacy forums, Planet Ally and All Out, this jam-packed day of events will examine how the travel industry is failing to support the LGBT+ communities in many destinations that it represents. High profile leaders and guest speakers from across the globe will address what can be done to build bridges with regard to human rights and travel.

Are high profile guest speakers consist of: Matt Beard, Executive Director, All Out, Katherine Lo, Founder, Eaton Hotel, John Tanzella, President/CEO International Gay and Lesbian Tourism Association, Kimahli Powell, Executive Director, Rainbow Railroad, Mikhail Tumasov from the Russian LGBT Network, Members of the Pussy Riots and Cambodia’s only gay dance troupe: Prumsodun OK & NATYARASA and a host of leaders and activists from across Asia-Pacific and beyond!

非牟利維權組織Planet Ally 與 All Out 將舉行人權發展論壇與大家分析旅遊業界中不同地方於支持LGBT+ 群體上的不足之處。來自世界各地的知名領導人和演講嘉賓將闡述如何在人權和旅遊之間建立良好鞏固的橋樑。

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