30/09 | Spark4Impact


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A workshop which aims to find solutions to problems faced by the LGBT+ community by involving the whole of Hong Kong. Participants will enjoy a lesson of Hong Kong’s LGBT+ history with a guided tour, which will be followed by a thought-provoking workshop with speakers from the LGBT+ community. Intelligence gatherers from Impact X, a social enterprise and co-organiser of the event, will come up with new ideas to tackle issues concerning the LGBT+ community based on what they have heard from the participants.

此工作坊希望集合香港人一起研討解決現時LGBT+群體所面對的種種問題。參加者能體驗導賞團,帶領大家瞭解香港LGBT+ 群體爭取平權的歷史事件。LGBT+團體的多位成員亦會進行演講,引發參與者討論與思考的空間。社交企業與活動組織者Impact X 的成員亦會帶領大家發掘新方向以解決現時LGBT+ 團體所面臨的種種困難。

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